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Patients getting benefit of laparoscopic surgery for all types of Hernia.

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He is a senior consultant Laparoscopic Coloproctologist & Bariatric Surgeon with around 15 years of experiencein the field of Surgery.

He became Life member and prestigious Fellow of Association of Colorectal Surgeons of India (ACRSI) after completing advanced training in Coloproctology and Colorectal surgeryfrom Dr Joel Leroy (France) and Dr A Melany (Brazil) and All India Institute of Medical Science AIIMS Delhi, a feat rarely achieved by any other surgeon. With numerous participation in various colorectalconferences both as a Delegate and Faculty, Dr. Sandip Banerjee is considered one of the best Colorectal Surgeon in India and a leading Coloproctologist in Delhi. His interests include surgery for Pelvic Floor disorders, weight loss, GI Onco, Acid Reflux disease, gallstones, hernia repair and surgical emergencies. Dr. Sandip Banerjee received multiple awards for his exemplary contribution in healthcare. He got awarded INDIA’S BEST DOCTORS AWARD for Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi and.GEM of India Achievers Award by All India Achievers Association for Best Bariatric Surgeon (Category). The personalized humble approach has helped to solidify a rewarding, lasting relationship between Dr. Sandip and his patients, making him unique and popular among doctors of colorectal diseases.

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She is a senior consultant Obs & Gynaecologist with around 15 years of experience in reproductive healthcare services.

With a keen interest in Laparoscopy and Minimal Invasive Surgery in operative gynaecology, Dr. Meenakshi went on getting trained in Laparoscopic skills from numerous institutes and from eminent Laparoscopic surgeons in India. She is very well versed with advanced Gynaecological surgeries like Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Laparoscopic Uterine prolapse surgeries, Laparoscopic Vaginoplasty and other pelvic surgeries. Dr Meenakshi is also an expert in Minimal Invasive uteroscopic techniques called Hysteroscopy and Colposcopy. She has trained numerous young aspirants in Hysteroscopic techniques and is a firm believer of the fact that if one knowsgood Hysteroscopic techniques then numerous uterus removal surgeries can be prevented. Based on her dedication and skill set, she was awarded with Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Surgery (FMAS) from Association of Minimal Invasive Surgeons of India (AMASI). With so many years of experience in LaparoscopicGynaecological surgery, Dr Meenakshi has participated as speaker in AICC RCOG. Dr. Meenakshi is also the select Member of Advisory Board in Johnson & Johnson division of Female healthcare for Post Pregnancy Perineal repair techniques. Her passion for excellence and compassion for her patients translate into high-quality care with the emphasis on caring.

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Welcome to Our Whole New World of Healthcare. Learn About Ways to Stay Healthy & Fit With Our Regular Health Impact News.
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What patients says about Pelvinic

Mr Prince , Nigerian

Mr Prince , Nigerian National was suffering from thrombosed prolapsed piles with anemia got diagnosed and operated by Dr. Sandip Banerjee. After the treatment he is very happy and feeling relieved from his long due health ailment.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Mrs. Sabirow Kemran , a resident of Turkmenistan

Mrs. Sabirow Kemran , a resident of Turkmenistan appeared fit at the time of discharge after undergoing Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery). Before surgery she was of 110 kg, lost 45kg weight within an year without any associated morbidities.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Mrs. Sulgun, 31 years Russian

Mrs. Sulgun, 31 years Russian national was suffering from infrequent bowel movements from the age of 15. she was not able to pass motion without taking laxatives. She got several surgical procedure to rectify the problem but not cured. Then she came to consult Dr. Banerjee and diagnosed  with ODS (obstructed defecation syndrome) got operated for STARR (stapled transanal rectal resection) Surgery. Now she is having normal bowel habit.

What patients says about Pelvinic

This 70 year old gentlman from Nigeria

This 70 year old gentlman from Nigeria is happily smiling after being surgically treated for his small bowel pathology. Long being undiagnosed and sufferings had lost his standpoint on getting cured. After getting in touch with our Surgeons, He is back living life.

What patients says about Pelvinic

A Russian(Turkmenistan) patient

A Russian(Turkmenistan) patient successfully diagnosed in PELVINIC and operated in one of our partner hospital for his malignancy involving his stomach. He wished to be seen in the list of our happy patients and hence mailed this pic. We sincerely thank Mr Kadir and wish him a healthy life ahead.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Ogulbabek Kemekova from Russia

61 years old patient from Russia named Ogulbabek Kemekova was struggling with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and severe heatburn (Acidity) for the past few years, symptoms became increasingly worse with level of discomfort and intolerable. After her Endoscopy report, she got diagnosed for GERD with Hiatus Hernia.
DR. Sandip Banerjee operated her for the fundoplication surgery with hiatal hernia repair. Now she is very happy as she is totally cure with GERD problem.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Patient from Dubai

Patient from Dubai, University student suffering from anorectal problems and was fed up after several surgeries in past. After consulting through online, he finally got operated by Dr. Sandip Banerjee with no reports of further problems.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Nader Mohseni, Spokesman of IECC

Nader Mohseni, Spokesman of Independent Electrol Complaints Commission (IECC) and Secretariat Chief of ECC Afghanistan is being operated for grade-4 hemorrhoids by Dr. Sandip Banerjee.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Mr Abdul Basir from Iraq

Mr Abdul Basir (in blue T-shirt) from Iraq was operated by Dr. Banerjee for recurrent Pilonidal Sinus. He was operated twice for his problem in past. Dr Banerjee removed the infected pilonidal sinus and simultaneously did a flap cover surgery , a surgery performed by very few Coloproctologist . After the surgery, not only he healed fast also found no recurrence as of now.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Patient from Afghanistan

Patient from Afghanistan suffering from fulminant Ulcerative Colitis recovering after three stage surgery has bestowed our surgeon with this unique gift of love and appreciation for the kind of service rendered by us.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Mr Karim from Iraq

Suffering from Third degree Hemorrhoids (Piles). Mr Karim (centre) from Iraq got operated by Dr Banerjee by Radio Frequency Ablation, a latest technique in Anoproctological surgeries with no postoperative pain, scarring, wound problem.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Patient Mrs Rizala

Patient Mrs Rizala along with her husband came from Turkmenistan specially to see Dr Banerjee. She was diagnosed to have suspicious thyroid and breast lesions. Dr Banerjee operated on her Right Hemithroidectomy and Right Mastectomy. She is happy to get it treated at one go.

What patients says about Pelvinic

Mr Taahir Beg from Iraq

He was drop down to have a follow up after loosing 60 kg from surgery. His weight was 135 kg before 9 months and had uncontrolled diabetes and severe joint problems. In the process of seeking consultation from joint replacement surgeon he was reffered to Dr. Banerjee and after getting commenced underwent laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

What patients says about Pelvinic

Mr. Abdul Fatah

He was diagnosed to have huge Right liver cystic swelling and had recurrent bouts of pain, fever and vomiting. Dr. Banerjee after examining him thoroughly operated on him Laparoscopic Cysto-Pericystectomy and removed entire cyst. Today he is a happy man.



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PELVINIC is a conceptualised clinic cum healthcare centre with dedicated superspeciality care towards your pelvic related problems. With an aim to screen, diagnose, prevent and treat various health problems like Constipation, Piles, Fistula, Pilonidal sinus, Organ prolapse, Defecation problem, Incontinence, Hernia, PCOD, Female specific problems and cancer related issues.


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