Anal Problem – Causes and Remedy

Fistula treatment in Delhi

An anal fistula is an uncomfortable and messy medical condition, causing complications for the patient like infection, irritation, draining pus, and fecal material. Also known as fistula-in-ano, the condition is treatable. Basically, anal fistula is a tunnel that runs from inside the anus. It usually follows an infection that did not cure the right way. The best possible way to heal the condition is through surgery.

Being a common medical condition, there are available many clinics that offer quality fistula treatment in Delhi.

• Causes

Inside your anus, there are several glands that makes fluid. Sometimes, they get blocked and a bacteria buildup can create a swollen pocket of infected tissue and liquid. This condition is called an abscess.

If you don’t treat the condition, it will grow. Gradually, it will make its way to the outer area and punch a hole in the skin near your anus, so that the gunk inside can drain out. The fistula is the tunnel that connects the gland to the opening.

In most of the cases, an abscess causes a fistula. This is uncommon, but they can also come from situations like tuberculosis, or any ongoing illness that affects your bowels.

• Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms for anal fistula are;

Swelling around your anus

If you have any of these symptoms, consult a doctor or reach Pelvinic clinic in Delhi.

• Treatment

Consult a specialist for anal problem

If the doctor thinks you have an anal fistula, he/she will ask about your medical history and recommend you for medical exam. There is no medication to fix the condition. Some fistulas are easy to spot, while some are not. In some cases, they close on their own. At Pelvinic clinic, the doctor will ask you to undergo some minor exams like X-Rays or a CT scan or a colonoscopy. This will help the doctor evaluate your condition in a better way.

For a simple fistula, the doctor will cut open the skin and muscles surrounding the tunnel. This enables the opening to heal from inside out. He may use a plug to close fistula. For a more complicated fistula, the doctor will put a tube to drain the infected fluid before surgery.

Depending on your condition, the doctor will suggest you with something better and effective.



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