Best Modality of Treatment for Anal Fistula

Anal fistula treatment in Delhi

Defining Anal Fistula

An anal fistula is a tiny channel that develops between the end of bowel and the skin. When a fistula forms, it causes complications for the sufferer like irritation, infection, and draining pus. If you’re dealing with one or more fistulas, you need to get them treated fast.

It is tricky to point out a reason behind the occurrence of this medical issue. They often occur from an abscess in an infected anal gland. Other times, fistulas occur after the abscess has already drained out, whether naturally or by doctor. In Delhi, there are many reputed surgeons who are proficient in treating anal fistula. All you need is to reach the concerned person.

Anal Fistula Diagnosis

Your doctor will start with an exterior exam. They use diagnostic tools like X-rays or MRI to figure out the fistula before starting with the treatment.

Surgery is the best and the most effective treatment for fistula. Medications won’t work much in this situation.

Simple fistulas are easier to treat, but as fistulas becomes complex, risks increase.

The best part is, with the improvement of medical science, there have evolved plenty of techniques to treat this medical condition.

Surgical Procedures
Surgical procedures for anal treatment
This blog will guide you with some of the best surgical methodologies used to treat anal fistula.

•Seton Technique

A seton is a piece of thread, which is run through the fistula and around the anus to form a loop. This surgical method is used to help broaden, heal, and drain a fistula-in-and before starting with any other method. This treatment is usually recommended when the fistula crosses the sphincter muscles.


This is known for being one of the most common surgical treatments. This surgical procedure involves cutting of the fistula channel. This process is also termed as “unroofing” the fistula. After the infection is cleaned out of the fistula tract, the tunnel is flattened. After these are done, the work is sewn into place to hold the channel open and improve healing.


This surgical procedure involves cutting out the fistula and removing it from the body. This procedure is highly effective at healing a fistula and preventing a recurrence. It is considered as the best treating method for complicated fistulas.

•Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is a promising treatment option that doesn’t require cutting the fistula or the sphincter muscle.
This treatment involves inserting a special laser probe into fistula from the outer opening. It destroys the epithelium tissue lining the channel as it is gradually fired and moved along as well as out of the track. Removing the layer of the tissue with 360-degree array of laser energy allows the underlying tissue to heal together.

It is always recommended to check with a doctor before you go for a surgery. Some cases are easily treatable. You just need to consult with the right person so that you get your treatment done in a better way.



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