Can Hemorrhoids Cause Death?

Hemorrhoids treatment in Delhi

Are you suffering from hemorrhoids? Can Hemorrhoids turn into something more serious? Can they be fatal?
Let’s explore some unknown facts about the medical condition;

New research reveals, hemorrhoids are generally harmless, but can lead to serious conditions.

-: Complications: –

Here are some severe conditions that can be caused by hemorrhoids;

Thrombosis: This condition occurs when blood clots form in the hemorrhoid. This is a painful condition and is one of the reasons why people go for surgical intervention.

Anal Fistula: In rare condition, a hemorrhoid can cause the formation of new channel inside the anus and the surface of the skin, near the anus.

Fecal Incontinence: Hemorrhoids compromise the way tissues around the anus work and this ends up in having trouble, controlling the bowel movements. This condition is termed as fetal incontinence.

Excessive Bleeding: Bleeding is common when one has internal hemorrhoids. This happens usually when stool aggravate the hemorrhoids.

Anemia: Chronic blood loss can lead to anemia. Internal hemorrhoids bleed every time you go to toilet. With time, the amount increases.

PVD: Peripheral vascular disease can cause hemorrhoids. If PVD is not managed, it can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Get the best treatment for hemorrhoids

-: Preventative Measures: –

Don’t sit in the toilet for two long
Eat fiber rich foods
Drink a lot of water
Don’t lift heavy objects
Take stool softeners

-: Treating the Condition: –

Hemorrhoids are painful and thus, needs to be treated sooner. If you want to get rid of this heinous medical condition, reach Pelvinic Clinic in Delhi and get in touch with the best team of doctors. We would be Happy to Help You!

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