Don’t Choose Any Surgeon for Inguinal Hernia Repair! Go for A Specialist!

Inguinal hernia treatment in Delhi

A hernia is a weakness in the muscles of abdominal wall. The most common site is in the groin, referred to as an inguinal hernia.
When suffering from inguinal hernia, choosing any surgeon is not the best option. It’s better to go for a laparoscopic specialist!

Why Go for Laparoscopic Specialist?

• An experienced laparoscopic surgeon is well-aware of the anatomy of pelvis and groin.
• Choosing any surgeon may result in an immediate failure of the hernia repair, also results in an injury to the blood vessel, bowel, iliac vein, bladder, cord structures, or intestine. A well trained laparoscopic surgeon who is specialized in hernia repair can avoid certain circumstances.
• The long-term recurrence rate is low as no large cut is made on the abdomen so there is less post-operative pain with patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery.
• They have an eye for detail.
• A laparoscopic surgeon has a better view using the laparoscopic route.

Choose a specialist for inguinal hernia repair


• You can return to normal physical & sexual activities after a few days of the surgery
• If you feel comfortable, you can start with gentle activities
• You can return to work as soon as you feel good

Pelvinic clinic in Delhi specializes in all kind of pelvic treatment. Dr. Sandip Banerjee, the founder of the clinic is a laparoscopic and hernia specialist, taking care of all the surgical needs. Dr. Banerjee prefer using advanced methods to treat the condition. Book an appointment now!



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