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The number of Internet users in India is likely to cross 500 million this year, according to minister for communications and information technology.
India has grown to around 400 million Internet users and this figure will reach near 500 million users by 2017. India has now around one billion mobile subscribers. People in India, especially at grass-root levels, are using technology to transform their lives.


Like in many other fields, increasing number of tech savvy people is affecting healthcare sector too. Before we can find out how these internet revolution will impact our medical field, we must address the greater challenge, by far the implications of information technology to the life of patients in this modern era of eHealth initiative.
According to what tech savvy means to us, health related informations stored can be retrieved by anyone through global search platform. The good part of the story is great and is truly a revolution. Patients armed with greater ability than ever, can easily access vital information about their health related issue, which will further help him/ her to know the action plan. The can have better reachability to clinicians, relevant medical informations, latest healthcare technologies, healthcare service providers, know-how about do’s and don’ts related to healthy habits etc. Add to it, a clinician can also share his/ her experiences/ knowledge/ expertise to millions and billions only through one click. And hence with multitude of these favorable opportunities, patients can have the armaments of support which can keep them live healthier, longer and obviously happy lives.


But the reality check is different. Perhaps the biggest obstacle in attaining disease free healthy lives through eHealth edge is the age-old human behavior of denial, neglect, apprehension and frightening fear. No matter how better our healthcare delivery models develop, no matter how many different apps, and tech based revolutions happen, getting treatment for a diagnosed disease or even getting diagnosed for a chronic health problem will still remain out of the people’s purview. “Health is wealth” will remain amongst the most prominent phrase but in reality people’s actions are antagonist to ideal thoughts. Healthcare clearly remains out of fascination for people to avail. The one who feels elated with the concept of health are the doctors, service providers, device manufacturers. And that is why they decide to continue doing their profession for life. What is a mistaken thought by them is the assumption that the rest of the world is equally focused on good quality healthcare.
For those, who are health freak and devote a good part of their time in keeping fit, fails to understand the importance of going beyond preventive care and for those with diagnosed health related problems, they want to be in denial mood on days when they feel good. Plus the growing stress in respective profession further adds fuel to fire in keeping them away from thinking about good health. A lawyer concentrates on winning cases for clients, a trader focusses on buying and selling at the right time, a designer watches only on fabric, texture and color, a programmer likes to be seated for hours developing a new app, a chef cooks to perfection, so where is the time to think for health.
As long as a patient with bad knee avoids treatment, he won’t understand the fact that one more insult can make him immobile forever, as long as someone with blood pressure problems neglect being treated, he won’t be pursued by any number of body sensors or app based tackers for a better health, as long as person with hernia keeps on postponing his surgery date, he can’t realize about how he can get himself free from regular pains and future complications, as long as an obese man say to himself that he is fit and doesn’t require any intervention, he cannot dream of living long. One can buy any number of costly products meant for preventing any said treatment yet will avoid rising for the occasion of following healthy guidelines.


What it means and it feels being healthy will be understood, once we take the right step towards attaining health, once we shed away our negative thoughts of denial, myths, apprehensions and frightening fear. Change never happens without resistance. Changing over to connecting dots in health should happen for the betterment. Our motivation will play a key factor in reshaping our thoughts. No matter what it takes to achieve, lets fulfill our most important wish of staying healthy for long.



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