Expert advice on contraceptive delhi
There are many contraceptive choices available nowadays .you can start by finding out about the methods of contraception you can choose from, including how they work, who can use them and possible side effects after discussing with the doctor.These methods are:
1. Oral contraceptive pills(OCP’s)
2. Barrier contraception (condoms)
3. Contraceptive injections
4. Intrauterine devices(CU-T)
5. Intrauterine system(IUS)-mirena
6. Progestrone only pill
7. Vaginal ring(NUVA ring)
8. Emergency contraception(I pill)

There are two permanent methods of contraception:

1. Female sterilisation

2. Male sterilisation(vasectomy)

Contraceptive choices thus being available in abundance need  to be discussed  before use especially emergency contraception to know about not only the benefits but also the risks involved with many over the counter  choices available in India.


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