Menopause problems treatment in delhi
Menopause refers to cessation or stoppage of regular menstrual cycle for at least 1 year. The transition to menopause is a gradual process and  is marked by a peri-menopausal  phase. The average age of menopause in India is around 49-50 yrs though women can experience an early  or late menopause which can be genetically influenced to some extent.
Women generally experience postmenopausal symptoms in form of hot flushes marked by hot sweats lasting from few seconds up to 10 mins associated with flushing of skin . Other symptoms range from irritability,mood changes,vaginal dryness ,urinary problems,weight gain .The severity of symptoms varies in each women n treatment need to be individualized based on the symptoms.
At PELVINIC extra effort is taken to give  their senior citizens patients an extended warmth and compassion  by listening to their concerns and helping them to tide over their medical issues with no to very minimal waiting time.

PELVINIC is a conceptualised clinic cum healthcare centre with dedicated superspeciality care towards your pelvic related problems. With an aim to screen, diagnose, prevent and treat various health problems like Constipation, Piles, Fistula, Pilonidal sinus, Organ prolapse, Defecation problem, Incontinence, Hernia, PCOD, Female specific problems and cancer related issues.


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