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Polycystic ovarian syndrome or polycyclic ovarian disease is nowadays one of the most common health concern or diagnosis women present to us in PELVINIC – Most of these women present to us with an ultrasound showing multiple cysts in ovaries with varied clinical symptoms like:

• Infertility (not able to get pregnant) because of not ovulating. In fact, PCOS is the most common cause of female infertility
• Infrequent, absent, and/or irregular menstrual periods
• Increased hair growth on the face, chest, stomach, back, body
• Acne, oily skin, or dandruff
• Weight gain or obesity, usually with extra weight around the waist
• Male-pattern baldness or thinning hair
• Patches of skin on the neck, arms, breasts, or thighs that are thick and dark brown or black
• Skin tags — excess flaps of skin in the armpits or neck area
• Pelvic pain
• Anxiety or depression
• Sleep apnea — when breathing stops for short periods of time while asleep

A main underlying problem with PCOS is a hormonal imbalance. In women with PCOS, the ovaries make more androgens than normal. Androgens are male hormones that females also make. High levels of these hormones affect the development and release of egg (ovulation)


There is no single test to diagnose PCOS. Doctor will take the following steps to find out if you have PCOS or if something else is causing your symptoms.
• Medical examination
• Physical examination
• Pelvic examination
• Blood tests. Your doctor may check the androgen hormone and glucose (sugar) levels in your blood.
• Vaginal ultrasound (sonogram) might be required to check lining or depending on symptoms.



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