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Ali Ahmed

Patient from Afghanistan operated for Laparoscopic low Anterior resection with diversion ileostomy for Adenocarcinoma Rectum. Patient recovered from s Read..
thyroid treatment


Patient from Afghanistan being operated for thyroid surgery by Dr. Sandip Banerjee, Consultant & Head Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Kailash Colony Read..

Yasin Abbas

70 years old Hypertensive patient from Iraq, operated for Laparosopic Inguinal Hernia repair for both sides under Day care Procedure (Undertaken in ho Read..
patient pelvinic

Mr. Wali

Patient Mr Wali from Afghanistan with BMI nearing 40 kg/sqm with malignant hypertension and early signs of breathlessness on exertion, seen recoverin Read..
yalda pelvinic


Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for 19 year old patient suffering from childhood obesity. Read..


Mr Hasmatullah from Afghanistan referred to PELVINIC by his relatives underwent gall bladder removal laparoscopically. Just one day stay in hospital Read..


Diagnosed to have large biliary collection and operated in Afghanistan, Mr Haji Wali Shah was operated by Dr Sandip Banerjee and he recovered without Read..


Suffering from chronic Pelvic pain, Ms xxx from Afghanistan was even advised to undergo multiple surgeries even spine surgery. She decided to consult Read..

Mohd. Ibrahim

Mr Ibrahim from Afghanistan came to India after having suffered for chronic pain over his abdomen for last 20 years. With multiple treatments receive Read..

Abdul Bashir

Mr Abdul Bashir from Afghanistan was suffering from complete rectal prolapse since childhood days. Unable to find the right cure, he landed in Pelvini Read..

Mr. Yuri Lesichko

Mr. Yuri Lesichko, a national shooting Coach for shooters under 14 is seen smiling with Dr Sandip Banerjee after having operated laparoscopically for Read..

Super Morbid Obesity

An Iraq national with weight 130 kg, BMI- 60 Kg/sqm ( super morbid obesity) with Diabetic nephropathy and Malignant Hypertension underwent Obesity sur Read..


Patient from Afghanistan (nest to Dr. Sandip) being treated successfully with Laparoscopic Abdominoperineal Surgery for Rectal cancer by Dr Sandip Ban Read..

Mr. Mohd Ali from Afghanistan

Mr. Mohd Ali from Afghanistan after being operated for bilateral laparoscopic varicocelectomy, smiling along with his son. Read..

STARR surgery for ODS

Dr Sandip Banerjee and team conducted on his patient, a lady from Afghanistan, STARR surgery for her problems which is diagnosed as Obstruction Defeca Read..

Mr Mabondo from Nigeria

Mr Mabondo from Nigeria with Dr Sandip Banerjee for a thanks giving gesture in return for successful treatment of his close family member. His relativ Read..
Zakia Patient at pelvinic Hospital

Mrs. Zakia

Mrs Zakia, Iraqi national was suffering from gastritis and sever GERD. She used to have daily reflux and was on medical management for long. She being Read..
RIZALA -patient and Dr. Sandip Banerjee

Mrs Rizala

Patient Mrs Rizala along with her husband came from Turkmenistan specially to see Dr Banerjee. She was diagnosed to have suspicious thyroid and breast Read..
SUMAYA patient and Dr. Sandip Banerjee

Ms Sumaya

Patient Ms Sumaya of age 16 years was suffering from childhood obesity was referred to Dr Banerjee. She underwent Laparoscopic weight loss surgery by Read..
Pelvinic patient

Mr Taahir Beg

Mr Taahir Beg (next to Dr. Sandip) from Iraq drop down to have a follow up after loosing 60 kg from surgery. His weight was 135 kg before 9 months and Read..
pelvinic patient with Dr. Sandip Banerjee

Mr. Abdullah (Afganistan)

‘Mr. Abdullah’ an Afghanistan National Patient  smiling after undergoing laparoscopic surgery for gall bladder stone and inguinal hernia. Abdulla Read..

Mrs. Elizavita

Mrs. Elizavita, Russian national was suffering from severe heat burn& acid reflux, she felt like... Read..
Patient at pelvinic Hospital with Dr

Mrs. Sulgun

Mrs. Sulgun, 31 years Russian national was suffering from infrequent bowel movements from the age of 15. She was not able to pass motion without t Read..
abdul at pelvinic Hospital

Mr Abdul Basir

Mr Abdul Basir (in blue T-shirt) from Iraq was operated by Dr. Banerjee for recurrent Pilonidal Sinus. He was operated twice for his problem in past. Read..
old patient at pelvinic

70 year old gentleman

This 70 year old gentlman from Nigeria is happily smiling after being surgically treated for his small bowel pathology. Long being undiagnosed and suf Read..
Pelvinic patient

Mrs. Sabirow Kemran

Mrs. Sabirow Kemran , a resident of Turkmenistan appeared fit at the time of discharge after undergoing Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Su Read..

Mr. Sherpa

Mr. Sherpa (next to Dr Sandip) from Hongkong operated by Dr Banerjee for Rectal Prolapse surgery Laparoscopically. He came to our centre for follow up Read..

Patient from Afghanistan

Patient from Afghanistan suffering from fulminant Ulcerative Colitis recovering after three stage surgery has bestowed our surgeon... Read..
Patient at pelvinic Hospital

Mrs. Jamila

Mrs. Jamila from Afghanistan posing after getting operated for Rectal Prolapse Surgery Laparoscopically. Read..

Mr Karim

Suffering from Third degree Hemorrhoids (Piles). Mr Karim (centre) from Iraq got operated by Dr Banerjee by Radio Frequency Ablation, a latest techniq Read..

Patient from Dubai

Patient from Dubai, University student suffering from anorectal problems and was fed up after several surgeries in past. After consulting through onli Read..

Mr. Abdul Fatah

He was diagnosed to have huge Right liver cystic swelling and had recurrent bouts of pain, fever and vomiting. Dr. Banerjee after examining him thorou Read..


22 Yrs of Iraqi boy 180 kg and was suffering from multiple problems like Hypertension, Sleep Apnea, Joint Pain, Back Pain till he met Dr Sandip Banerj Read..


Turkmenistan Healthcare representative signed the contract for tie-up with PELVINIC to give the better treatment to the patients of Turkmenistan in a Read..

Mr Kadir

A Russian(Turkmenistan) patient successfully diagnosed in PELVINIC and operated in one of our partner hospital for his malignancy involving his stomac Read..

Nader Mohseni

Nader Mohseni, Spokesman of Independent Electrol Complaints Commission (IECC) and Secretariat Chief of ECC Afghanistan is being operated for Grade-4 h Read..

Mr. Abdullah

For us, our "Reward" is the Trust that our patients repose on us and their sweet ' Thanks moment '. PELVINIC is grateful to Mr Abdullah, a resident of Read..
prince with Dr.Sandip Banerjee

Mr Prince

Mr Prince , Nigerian National was suffering from thrombosed prolapsed piles with anemia got diagnosed and operated by Dr. Sandip Banerjee. After the t Read..

Smile of Patient

Smiles of patients are saying all. Patient from Afghanistan specially arrived at PELVINIC to convey her appreciation to our Gynecologist for her satis Read..


61 years old patient from Russia named  Ogulbabek Kemekova was struggling with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and severe heatburn (Acidity) f Read..

Mr. Abdullah

‘Mr. Abdullah’ an Afghanistan National Patient  smiling after undergoing laparoscopic surgery for gall bladder stone and inguinal hernia. Abdulla Read..

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