Irregular Periods After Childbirth- Causes and Treatment!

Post Pregnancy Care

A healthy menstrual cycle refers to an evident sign of a woman’s reproductive health. But for newly mothers, the menstrual cycle is paused for a few months after delivery. Immediately after delivery, the post-partum bleeding occurs for a few days and then it stops. There is a considerable gap between postpartum bleeding and the first regular period.


Pregnancy changes your hormone levels to a certain extent. After delivery, your body needs to revert hormone levels to their earlier positions, and this translation phase needs time. One of the major side effects of this situation is, absence of menstruation.
But, one should remember that just because you are not menstruating, doesn’t mean you are not ovulating. You can still get pregnant and thus, you should use condom if you are sexually active.

Post Pregnancy Care

How to Deal with This Situation?

After delivery, every woman encounters menstrual issues. It can be distressing, painful, and you may not be capable of predicting and planning your cycle. To make the situation a bit comfortable for you, here we share some tips for you.

• Follow A Proper Diet: No matter what, having a proper and healthy diet is a must if you want to return your hormone level to normal. A well-balanced diet should include lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and water; paired with regular exercise. This will restore your body to stable hormone levels.
• Use Contraception to Avoid Pregnancy: Irregular cycle cannot predict ovulation and hence can result in unwanted pregnancy.
Different types of contraception pills are available, taking post-delivery status, breast feeding stage, and medical problems into consideration. You can have them from the medical stores, as per your convenience.

• Stay Stress-Free: Stress affects both body and mind. New mothers are subjected to a lot of stress, which needs to be taken care of. This directly affects the hormone levels, causing a delay in coming back to normal. The best way to overcome health issues is to stay stress free.

Though frustrating, irregular periods are a common health issue for a new mother. Understanding the different biological reasons and checking with a doctor may help overcome the situation. You can get the problem treated at Pelvinic Clinic in Delhi ; offering quality treatment at the best price.



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