Weight Gain – How Much is Ideal During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy care

Whether you’re a first-time parent to be or not; there are a few queries that strikes in mind of every woman. One such common query that troubles a lot during pregnancy is, weight gain.

Weight gain is surely a matter of concern. But during pregnancy, those few extra kilos doesn’t bother much. In fact, they’re considered as a healthy and necessary part of the process. All you need to know is, what exactly is the normal weight gain during pregnancy?

Let’s find out;

Weight Gain

Increase in weight during pregnancy has a direct impact on mother’s health and the fetus. Doctor’s usually recommends checking Body Mass Index (BMI) beforehand, to continue with a healthy weight gain schedule accordingly.

Understanding your BMI
Understand your BMI
Women who falls into the “normal weight” category are suggested to have 25 to 35 kg of weight gain. BMI is calculated by your height and weight. The first step towards determining the weight gain goal is to evaluate your BMI.

How much weight to gain?

Just like the equation used to calculate BMI, the process of putting on the right amount of weight is not rocket science. Your rate of weight gain depends on certain factors like metabolism, your genetics, and activity level.

To help you in a better way, we would like to share the general weight gain guideline, based on the trimester phase.

First trimester: This is when your baby is still tiny and thus, there is no need to gain more than a total of 3-4 kg of weight. If you’re having morning sickness, there are least chances of your weight gain. But, that is normal. As far as the appetite is okay, there’s nothing to worry about.

Second trimester: During second trimester, your baby starts to grow. This is when the weight gain should grow up to at least 14 kg; not more than that.

Third Trimester: Baby’s weight gain will pick up steam but yours may start decreasing to a certain extent. Some women hold steady or even drops a pound during the ninth month.

If you’re carrying twins, the weight gain recommendation for women is 37 – 54 kgs. Overweight women should not gain more than 31-50 kgs.

How to manage weight gain during pregnancy?

There are a few factors that one must take care of, to maintain a proper weight balance;

• Eating healthy, nutritious diet that includes vegetables, breads, meat, fish, and legumes.
• Keep in touch with your doctor for medical suggestions
• Consult with a dietician if possible
• Track weight gain from the beginning
• Do some regular exercise
• High liquid and water intake
• Avoid fatty and sugary foods

You must be aware of your diet during your pregnancy. Make sure your diet contains the nutrients, necessary to keep you healthy and active during the pregnancy period. You might not prefer having extra kilojoules but as your baby grows, you’ll need an extra 1400 to 1900 kilojoules a day.

Maintaining a Balance is Important

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can affect the mother’s health. According to research, excessive weight gain is linked to a higher risk of developing diabetes, thyroid, and high blood pressure. In some cases, this can create complications.

To stay healthy for those nine months, it’s necessary to follow a proper diet. Unlike excessive weight gain, losing weight during pregnancy is also not good for health.

Be alert and enjoy the phase to the fullest!!



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